As Needed Work Tickets and Services
  • 30 Jul 2021
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As Needed Work Tickets and Services

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Services are added to a contract opportunity during estimating. Later, when the client agrees to proceed with the work, the user specifies in Aspire that the opportunity is won. At the time that the user wins the opportunity, Aspire generates the appropriate number of work tickets based on the number of occurrences for each service on the opportunity.

Aspire supports a special type of opportunity service called As Needed that can be used for any T&M or Per Service Invoice type service in a contract opportunity. If the user chooses the As Needed checkbox for a service, when they create an opportunity, tickets are not generated at the time that the opportunity is won. Rather, a production manager can schedule As Needed tickets associated with that service for a crew. For scheduling purposes, “tickets” for as needed opportunity services show up in the ticket selection list with a ticket number of zero (0). When the production manager places the as needed ticket on the schedule board, Aspire generates a work ticket and assigns a non-zero ticket number. Time and materials are applied to that service like any other ticket generated for a standard opportunity.

An opportunity service for which the As Needed checkbox has been set within the estimate is called an “as needed opportunity service”.

Services can be marked “as needed” during estimating and can only be marked “as needed” for time and materials or per service contracts – not for services on work orders or for fixed-price services.

Typical examples of when as needed tickets are used, include:

  • Snow-related services
  • Irrigation repair services
  • Additional mow services beyond the contracted amount

The article, As Needed Work Tickets and Services, provides additional information about setting up and using as needed tickets.

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