Budget Screen
  • 08 Sep 2022
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Budget Screen

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Article Summary

The Budget screen is displayed from the Budgets Search List Screen when you click the New Budget icon or click an existing budget from the list to view or edit. The Budget screen enables you to enter numbers that define the financial budget for a fiscal year. The screen enables you to display the budget for each of the branches one-by-onea. On each branch display, the screen is broken into sections – one for each of the defined divisionsb and a summary section at the bottom for the branchc as shown in the image below.

The values entered into the grid for the annual budget become available in the Rolling Budget Report so that you can track progress vs. budget during the year.

To complete the budget, enter anticipated revenue and cost for each division, and expected overhead cost for the branch. The following table highlights some important screen elements.

Screen ElementDescription
BranchaEnables you to switch between branches currently displayed on the screen.
Gross MargindRead-only. Gross margin (both $ and %) is calculated based on earned revenue – not invoiced revenue.
Back Icon
Returns to the Budget Search List screen without saving changes. To save changes, click the Save icon before clicking the Back icon.
Save Icon Clicking this icon saves the changes the user has made to the budget. Clicking Save leaves the user on the Budget screen so that they can save periodically while they are entering the budget without leaving the screen.

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