Equipment Management
  • 20 Dec 2021
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Equipment Management

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Aspire supports the management of the equipment. It provides the following capabilities which are described in this section.

  1. Track vehicle/equipment purchase, assignment, usage, and disposal 
  2. Schedule and track equipment by route and property 
  3. Monitor usage (miles and hours)
  4. Track shop costs 
  5. Schedule preventative maintenance 
  6. Provide Depreciation Report 
  7. Utilize Agilis Systems to perform real-time GPS tracking of vehicles

Equipment Permissions

Security permissions have been established in Aspire to control access to equipment management capabilities. These permissions are depicted here as they appear on the Roles screen in Aspire Admin. These permissions are fully described in Aspire Permissions

Equipment Setup Administration Functions

The administrative equipment functions allow the user to set up Aspire for the management of the equipment by predefining the elements that will describe the equipment and its disposition.  Users create lists of manufacturers, equipment sizes, and equipment classes that allow the user to define equipment models.  They establish service tags that define the types of service that can be performed on the various models of equipment and then apply these to models when establishing service schedules.  

Icons for accessing screens to define these various elements are available in the Equipment section of the Administration screen as depicted below.