Estimating - Item Catalog
  • 15 Jul 2022
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Estimating - Item Catalog

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Item Catalog Search List Screen

In Aspire, catalog items are both tangible and intangible. A catalog item is essentially anything that is necessary to complete a service that carries a cost - subcontractors, equipment, materials, and labor are all examples of a catalog item. From the Items Search List screen you can manage a list of items and modify factions such as purchase units, allocation units, and the purchase price of those items.


Notable Information
Navigate to the Item Catalog Search List Screen by going to Estimating and selecting Item Catalog.
image.pngPreviously, Item Catalog could be found under the Estimating menu as Manage Items
The category name was changed from Manage Items to Item Catalog.
Export to PDF can be accessed by first navigating to Print Screen from the More menu and then scrolling to Save as PDF from the Destination field and clicking Save.
1. Search for existing Catalog Items
2. Advanced Search functions (filter, display, sort, and group information) are now located on the same screen.
image.png3. Carry out tasks to all or more than one catalog item simultaneously. Click here (glossary) to view a definition of bulk action tasks.
4. Add a New item catalog template.
5. The following options can be accessed under the More menu: Save As My Default, Reset Advanced Search, Print Screen, Export to Excel (Current View), Export to Excell (All View).image.png
image.png6. Use the first checkbox to select or deselect all catalog items or individually select or deselect specific catalog items before executing a Bulk Action

Item Catalog Details Screen

The user screen is displayed when a user is creating or modifying an item selected from the Item Search List screen.

Notable Information
1. Activate and deactivate items using the Active toggle button.
2. Add a New catalog item.
3. In the More menu you will have the option to Clone or Delete a catalog item. You can not delete an item catalog item if it is already referenced by a kit or an estimate.
image.png4. Use the drop-down menu to either select All Branches or to individually select branches to add to the Assigned Branch field. 
image.png5. Add Inventory Cost. You can change the price of catalog items that belong to an inventory and designate a start date for the inventory cost you set. 
image.png6. You can create alternate prices designated for specific branches. Click on the Manage Price List image.png icon to assign a specific Purchase Unit Cost to a branch. 
7. The Description section is fixed to the screen so that you are able to modify other sections without having to save your note creations and modifications separately. 7a. Reset text format. 7b. Maximize and minimize your text box.