Organization - Branches
  • 08 Sep 2022
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Organization - Branches

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Branches Search List Screen

As a client, you can divide and organize your companies by geographical distinctions - branches, regions, and districts. The Branch Search List screen enables system admins and branch managers the option to create and configure branches to best meet the business needs of their companies.


Notable Information
Navigate to the Branches Search List screen by going to Organization and selecting Branches.
image.pngPreviously, Branches could be found under the Organization menu as Manage Branches.
Branches, Regions, and Districts belong to the Organization menu category.
Export to PDF can be accessed by first navigating to Print Screen from the More menu and then scrolling to Save as PDF from the Destination field and clicking Save.
1. Search for branches from the Search field. 
2. Advanced Search functions (filter, display, sort, and group information) are now located on the same screen.
3. Create a new branch by clicking on the New button in the upper right corner of your screen. 
4. The following options can be accessed under the More menu: Save As My Default, Reset Advanced Search, Print Screen, Export to Excel (Current View), Export to Excell (All View).

Branch Details Screen

You can individually customize a branch by either creating a new one or by selecting an existing one from the branch search list screen. Click here for more information. 

Screen Sections

Basic Branch DetailsInvoicingTime ReportingElectronic PaymentsImport SiteOne Price BookAccount Setup for QuickBooks Online
Basic information to describe and identify a branch.Designate the invoice parameters at the branch level. When a user sends an invoice(s) from the Invoice screen, the parameters you set here will populate within each email that is sent.Manage the time reporting parameters used in the Crew Mobile app.To view and utilize the Electronics Payments section, the allow branch override checkbox will need to be enabled first. Use the electron payments section to configure a branch to CardConnect. CardConnect enables the initiation of electronic financial transactions.To utilize SiteOne options under branches, Enable SiteOne Price Book Integration must be enabled first.You can set up QuickBooks at the branch level for accounting purposes. To view detailed configuration steps, click here.
Notable Information
All branch sections are located on the same screen instead of separate tabs.
Activate and deactivate branches using the Active toggle button.
Save modifications using the Save button at the top of the screen. 

Basic Details




Notable Information
The Invoice Email Body and Invoice On Completion Description rich text editor boxes are no longer pop-up fields but are fixed to the screen. Changes made within these fields can be saved along with any other modifications that are made on the Branch screen at the same time.
1. Reset text format.
2. Search and insert a token into the Invoice Email Body text box by clicking on the search icon.
3. Maximize and minimize your text box.
4. Search and insert a token into the Invoice Email Subject field by clicking the search icon.

Time Reporting


Notable Information
image.pngDeselecting a Single Clock Time or Branch Break Time will convert the applicable interval into a read-only field.
Allow Crew Member Mobile Clock-In Without Crew Leader replaced the previous Allow Clock Time Editing in Crew Mobile field. 
image.png1. The Time Review Attestation Prompt must be checked before you can utilize the Time Review Attestation Description text box. 

Import SiteOne Price Book


Notable Information
1. You can view your current sync status by clicking on the icon next to the SiteOne Token Status
2. Click Login to Siteone to sync your Siteone account to Aspire.

Electronic Payments

Aspire offers a payment processing option through integration with CardConnect. This payment platform supports transactions carried out from the Customer Portal and via A/R features. Click here for more information. The electronic payments section is applicable to branches that have the option Enable Branch Override selected.

Notable Information
1Enable Branch Override must be enabled to modify any of the electronic payment fields under the branch section. This function enables the ability for companies to set up separate instances ofCardConnect for each of their branches. Please note the following:image.png
2. The Merchant ID is an encrypted unique ID assigned to a company during the CardConnect setup process. 
3. Use your CardConnect Username in this field. 
4. Use the Password you use to log in to your CardConnect account.
5. Use the same Zip Code that was used during the CardConnect setup process.
6. As a system admin., you can designate what percentage of a transaction should be added as a Convenience Fee. Please note that the fee will not be applied to ACH deposit transactions.
7. You can select Currency from either the US or Canada.
8. Use the refresh button to reset the convenience fee to the system default value of 3% 
9. Enter the electronic payment terms and conditions that you want your customers to see in your Customer Portal. 

Accounting Setup for QuickBooks Online


Notable Information
1. Supported application SiteOne can be added to your company QuickBooks account. By clicking on the Add Applications to Quickbooks Online icon.