Purchasing Process Overview
  • 21 Dec 2021
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Purchasing Process Overview

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The following diagram provides an overview of the purchasing process in Aspire.

  • Estimate – When the user creates the estimate for an opportunity from the Estimate Screen, they identify materials and associated quantities required for the work. When they win the opportunity; work order, or contract, Aspire creates work tickets and makes the material purchases available in the Purchasing Assistant screen to help create purchase receipts.
  • Review/Schedule Work Ticket – Once Aspire has created the work tickets, users can schedule visits to complete the work from the Scheduling screen.
  • Plan Purchases – The Purchasing Assistant screen provides guidance while users create purchase receipts for vendor orders by displaying a list of items from work tickets that need to be purchased.
  • Commit to Purchases – From the Purchase Receipt screen, users can email, or print and send purchase receipts to the vendors for fulfillment.
  • Receive Purchases – As ordered materials are received from the vendors, users record receipt of the items on the Purchase Receipt screen.
  • Approve Purchases – As invoices are received from the vendors for items that have been received, the allows the user to approve vendor payment based on receipt of items and agreed cost.

The webinar, Managing Pricing, focuses on the material management aspects of the overall business flow from estimating and bidding the opportunity through getting vendor quotes, selecting a vendor, purchasing the materials, receiving materials, installing materials, and reporting on job margins related to the material purchases.

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