Site Audit - Categories
  • 15 Jul 2022
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Site Audit - Categories

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Site Audit Categories Search List Screen

The site audit categories search list screen enables system administrators to manage site audit categories that appear at various evaluation points throughout Aspire in the Properties module.

Notable Information
Navigate to the Site Audit Categories by going to Site Audit and selecting Categories.
image.pngPreviously, Site Audit Categories could be found under the CRM menu as Manage Site Audit Categories
Site Audit Categories and Report Types belong to a new menu category called Site Audits.
Export to PDF can be accessed by first navigating to Print Screen from the More menu and then scrolling to Save as PDF from the Destination field and clicking Save.
1. Search for a site audit category name. 
2. Advanced Search functions (filter, display, sort, and group information) are now located on the same screen.
3. Add a New site audit category.
4. The following options can be accessed under the More menu: Save As My Default, Reset Advanced Search, Print Screen, Export to Excel (Current View), Export to Excel (All View).

Site Audit Category Details Screen

To modify or view information about a site audit category, navigate to the site audit category screen by clicking on a site audit category line item from the Site Audit Categories Search List screen. To view more details about the Site Audit Category details screen, click here.


Notable Information
image.pngThe Notes section is fixed to the screen so that you are able to modify other sections without having to save your note creations and edits separately. 
image.pngYou can Add a tag by typing the tag in the Tag section of the Site Audit Category screen. After you type your tag, click enter and it will populate in a gray box with an option to Delete that tag in the upper right corner. 
1. Activate and deactivate a site audit category using the Active toggle button.
2. Save modifications. 
3. Click on the More menu to reveal the option to Delete a device. If the site audit category is currently utilized in the site audits portion of the Properties module it cannot be deleted. 
image.png4. Add Tags by typing the tag in the text box and clicking enter. To remove the tag click the plus icon in the upper right corner of the tag.