Takeoffs and Takeoff Groups
  • 30 Jul 2021
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Takeoffs and Takeoff Groups

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A takeoff represents something to be measured or counted on a property. The measure or count is then used for estimating.  Setup of takeoffs involves:

  1. Establish Standard Takeoffs – Set up a list of takeoffs and group them into a logical structure. For example, the user might define a takeoff group to be used for lawn maintenance. Within that takeoff group, they might have takeoffs representing measurements for cutting with a 60” mower, cutting with a 48” mower, cutting with a 21” mower, and fertilizing the turf.
  2. Associate Takeoffs with Catalog Kits – For applicable kits in the item catalog, specify a takeoff on which estimation of quantities of items within the kit will be based. For example, a kit to provide labor and equipment to mow with a 48” push-behind mower might be assigned the takeoff called Mowing | 48” Walk Behind. This takeoff will represent the units (i.e. square feet or acres) that they will measure and record for each property to identify work required to mow with a 48” push-behind mower.
  3. Establish Takeoff Value for Properties – For properties, the company will be servicing, specify takeoff values applicable to that property. This is where the user might specify the number of square feet for the Mowing | 48” Walk Behind takeoff.

Establishing Standard Takeoffs

Takeoffs are logically grouped into takeoff groups when the user initially defines them. For example, a given landscape company might have three takeoff groups; one for Turf, one for Beds, and one for Irrigation. Under each of these groups, they might have individual takeoffs as defined below:

  1. Turf

    1. Rough Mow (unit type “Square feet”)
    2. 21” Push (unit type “Square feet”)
    3. 52” Walk Behind (unit type “Square feet”)
    4. 60” Rider (unit type “Square feet”)
    5. Total Turf (unit type “Square feet”)
    6. Treated Turf (unit type “Square feet”)
  1. Beds

    1. Mulch Beds (unit type “Square feet”)
    2. Rock Beds (unit type “Square feet”)
    3. Total Beds (unit type “Square feet”)
  2. Irrigation

    1. Back Flows (unit type “Each”)
    2. Zones (unit type “Each”

Takeoff groups and their associated takeoffs define the takeoff structure for all properties. Careful thought must be given to how the user wants to calculate estimates before finalizing the takeoff structure.

To define a takeoff structure like the one described above, navigate to System Administration, select the Manage Lists icon,and select Takeoff Group list from the drop-down. The section Admin List - Takeoff Group Screen explains how to create the takeoff structure.

Applying Takeoffs to Kits

For kits in the item catalog, the user specifies a takeoff on which estimation of quantities for that item will be based on the Item screens.

Establishing Takeoff Values for Properties

After the user has defined the takeoff structure, but before they begin estimating for a property, they should establish the takeoff values that are relevant to that property and to future work that they might perform there. This is accomplished on the Property Takeoffs screen accessible from the Properties screen.