User Management - User
  • 15 Jul 2022
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User Management - User

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User Search List Screen

The user search list screen allows you to create, manage and search user accounts in Aspire. Users are comprised of anyone who can log in to Aspire. Before a user can be created, they must have an existing contact card. Generally, clients will set up employees and subcontractors as users. The user search list screen appears when you navigate to the Users screen under User Management.


Notable Information
Navigate to the User Search List Screen by going to User Management and selecting Users.
image.pngPreviously, Users could be found under the Application menu as Manage Users.
Export to PDF can be accessed by first navigating to Print Screen from the More menu and then scrolling to Save as PDF from the Destination field and clicking Save.
1. Search for individual users. 
2. Advanced Search functions (filter, display, sort, and group information) are now fixed to the screen in the search list header.
3. Add a New user. Note that before a new user can be created they need to have an already existing contact card and they must have an acceptable contact type designation in Aspire.
4. The following options can be accessed under the More menu: Save As My Default, Reset Advanced Search, Print Screen, Export to Excel (Current View), Export to Excel (All View).

User Details Screen

Manage a user account from the user details screen. The user screen can be accessed from the Administration menu under the User Management section. The user screen can also be accessed by going to Settings from the navigation bar of Aspire. The user screen can also be accessed by going to the Contacts module from the navigation bar of Aspire, selecting a contact, and then selecting either Create User or Edit User from the More menu. To view more details about the User details screen, click here.

The User Screen When Accessed from the Aspire Navigation Bar


Create a user signature by accessing the User screen by first clicking the Settings option from the navigation bar.

The User Screen When Accessed from the Administration Menu or Contacts Module


Users Details Screen Sections

Below you can see how all of the sections of the user details screen appear.

Manage user accessibility, contact, role settings, and upload attachments.The device section will list all of the active devices associated with the specified user.Select a supported external account to sync with an Aspire user account. Syncing must be performed while logged in as the user whose account is being synced first. When viewing the sync section from the Administration menu, all fields are read-only.System administrators and other users can utilize the fields under the customization section to customize the layout of the Aspire Home screen (To-do List, Recent Activity, Dashboard tiles, KPIs).
Notable Information
The following fields from the Sync section of the user details screen were removed due to a lack of use by clients: Advanced Search List, Font Color, Advanced Search List Font Size - Desktop, Advanced Search List Font Size - Mobile, Use Camera as Default, Show Floating Totals Window on Estimate Screen, Show Ticket Details on Schedule Board.
The Active and Save elements are fixed to the top of the screen.
The individual User, Sync, and Customizations sections appear on the same screen instead of in separate tabs.
1. There is now a toggle button at the top of the screen to activate and deactivate a user account. 
2. To save changes made on the user details screen, click on the green Save icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

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