User Management - Devices
  • 15 Jul 2022
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User Management - Devices

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Device Search List Screen

To access Aspire, you must first authorize the device utilized by the user. From this screen, you can maintain which devices can access Aspire. Additionally, you can view device usage information from the Device Search List screen.


Notable Information
Navigate to the Device Search List Screen by going to User Management and selecting Devices.
image.pngPreviously, Devices could be found under the Application menu as Manage Devices.
Users, Devices, and User Roles belong to a new menu category called User Management.
Export to PDF can be accessed by first navigating to Print Screen from the More menu and then scrolling to Save as PDF from the Destination field and clicking Save.
1. Search for individual devices. 
2. Advanced Search functions (filter, display, sort, and group information) are now located on the same screen.
3. Activate or deactivate devices using the Active check box.
4. The following options can be accessed under the More menu: Save As My Default, Reset Advanced Search, Print Screen, Export to Excel (Current View), Export to Excell (All View).
The Controls function was replaced by the Active field.

Device Details Screen

By clicking on a listed device line item from the Device Search List screen, system administrators can manage and view information tied to that specific device. To view more details about the device details screen, click here.


Notable Information
1. Activate or deactivate devices using the Active toggle button. 
2. Save modifications using the Save button at the top of the screen. 
3. Click on the More menu to reveal the option to Delete a device. An active device can not be deleted. 
4. User information is no longer in a separate tab and can be found on the device screen.
Click here for full descriptions of fields and controls on the Device screen.
Read-only fields displaying metadata about a device will appear grayed out.