User Management - User Roles
  • 15 Jul 2022
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User Management - User Roles

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User Roles Details Screen

You can use the User Roles section to set permissions that control which functions can be utilized and viewed by Users within the company under their administration. Only users with a designated System Admin permission can manage the permissions assigned to specific roles.

Click here to view available permissions that can be assigned to roles.


Notable Information
Navigate to the User Roles screen by going to User Management and selecting Users Roles.
image.pngPreviously, User Roles could be found under the Application menu as Manage Roles.
image.png1. Select a User Role from the Role drop-down menu to view existing permissions and to modify the permissions under the user role you have selected. Click Save to update your permission selections.
2. Create a new user role by clicking on the New button in the upper right corner of your screen. 

Add or Modify a User Role


Notable Information
1. Create a New user role.
2. Save your created user role.
3. Click the More icon to reveal the ability to clone a user role you have configured using the Save As option or to Delete a user role.
4. Choose a Role for which to set permissions. 
5. A Role Name must be specified.
6. A Role Hierarchy Value must be specified.
7. Use Expand or Collapse All to reveal or hide role categories. Expanding a role category will show you pre-selected permissions assigned to a chosen role. 
8. Use Select or Deselect to add or remove all permissions listed under all role categories. 
9. Expand or Collapse the list of permissions under a role category. 
10. Select or Deselect all permissions listed under a role category.