Company Organization
  • 05 Nov 2021
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Company Organization

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Aspire supports the representation of organizations at multiple levels to facilitate the management of companies of various sizes. The levels supported by Aspire are company, district, region, branch, and division as represented in the diagram below.

Some organizations that use Aspire may only utilize some of these levels. For example, companies located in a single city or town commonly disregard the district and region levels and may only have a single branch.

The levels represented in the diagram above are explained from the bottom up in the sections that follow.


Aspire allows recognition of business divisions within branches of a company. Divisions in Aspire are designed to support reporting by service line. The most common divisions for companies using Aspire include maintenance, enhancements, snow, irrigation, and overhead (or indirect or internal). Other common divisions are construction, subcontractor, plant healthcare, and landscape.


Aspire allows landscape companies to divide their companies into branches. Branches typically represent separate geographic areas where the company does business. For example, if a landscape company does business in four different cities within two states, they might establish four branches, one for each city. It is common for each branch to have a branch manager responsible for the operation of that branch.

In addition to providing management reporting at the company level, Aspire also supports management reporting by the individual branches as well.


Branches can be grouped together into regions. Invoicing settings may be set at the Region level. The following reports provide the ability to aggregate or filter data by region: Profit and Loss Ticket, Contract Renewal, and Time Entry.


Regions may be grouped together into districts. The following reports now include the ability to aggregate or filter data by district.

  • Profit and Loss Ticket
  • Contract Renewal
  • Time Entry
  • Pivot Reports