Custom Mobile Forms
  • 30 Jul 2021
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Custom Mobile Forms

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Aspire provides the ability to create company-specific forms that can be displayed on mobile devices to collect information provided by crew leaders. Before a form becomes available to crew leaders on their mobile devices, an administrative user must create and publish the form.

Form Types

Three types of forms can be created based on when they are made available on the mobile device for the crew leaders:

    • Clock In
    • Clock Out
    • Complete Ticket

On any given day, depending on the forms that are defined and published, a crew leader could fill out one form for a clock in, one form for clock out, and one form for each work ticket marked as Complete during the day.

Users within a company can create multiple forms of each form type. Aspire will only allow a company to publish one Clock In form and one Clock Out form, at a time.

For Complete Ticket forms, users within a company can publish multiple forms and associate them with different services. Once a Complete Ticket form has been published, it must be assigned to one or more services before it will become available for display on the mobile device. When a crew leader marks a work ticket as complete in the [Crew Mobile App](/mobile-time-reporting-crew-mobile-app), if the associated service has a form assigned, Aspire will display the form to collect information from the crew leader.

Information entered by crew leaders into published forms on their mobile devices becomes available for display by office staff as described in the following two sections.

Clock In and Clock Out Form Info Display

Office personnel with Full Access to Scheduling Board permission can view information from the Clock In and Clock Out forms from the Time Entry screen as shown in the image below. If a Clock In or Clock Out form is available for viewing, the label on the clock time entries will be represented as hyperlinks (underlined).

Complete Ticket Form Info Display

Users can view Complete Ticket form information for a ticket from the Work Ticket screen by clicking the View Ticket Form icon or from the Scheduling Board screen by right-clicking on a plaque and choosing the View Completed Form option. In each case, Aspire will display the Work Ticket Handling screen.

Field Types

Each form can be defined to collect whatever fields of information the administrative user defines. The following field types will be supported for crew leader responses in any form created by administrative users:

    • Text – Type in free-form text.
    • Date – Select a valid date.
    • Whole Number – Enter a number with no decimal point.
    • Decimal Number – Enter a number that allows a decimal point.
    • Currency – Enter a number to be represented as dollars and cents.
    • Checkbox – Provide a labeled check box.
    • List – Allow the user to select one item from a pre-defined list.

There are additionally three special-purpose field types. When fields of these types are displayed in the Crew Mobile App, Aspire automatically fills in their values by querying the Yahoo weather service based on the location of the device provided internet connectivity is immediately available.

    • Temperature
    • Wind Direction
    • Wind Speed

The values for these fields can be updated/overridden by the crew leader on the form regardless of whether service data is available.