Service Item Details Screen
  • 22 Dec 2021
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Service Item Details Screen

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The Service Details screen is displayed by clicking on an opportunity service hyperlink on the Estimate screen.  It allows the user to view or edit information defined for the opportunity service. If the system is properly set up, most of the values will be properly provided when the service is added to the estimate.

T&M Invoice Type

Other Invoice Type

Screen ElementDescription
Display NameName of service as the user wishes it to be displayed in the estimate.
ServiceDrop-down list allowing the user to choose a service from the service catalog.
Invoice Type

Value defaults based on the invoice type specified for the opportunity. For contracts, provides a drop-down allowing the user to select a different invoice type for the work tickets that will be generated or the service.

For work orders, the field is normally read-only preventing the user from changing the default value. However, for work orders whose invoice type is Fixed Price Open Billing, if the logged-in user has the Change Service Invoice Type on Fixed Price Open Billing permission, this drop-down allows the user to change the invoice type of the service to T&M Per Service so that associated work tickets will be invoiced on a time and materials basis. If the user selects the T&M Per Service option, the Separate Work Ticket checkbox is immediately checked and becomes read-only because a separate work ticket is required to invoice the service on a time and materials basis. If the user then changes the selected value of the drop-down back to Fixed Price Open Billing, the checkbox will become unchecked, and once again enabled.

Minimum ChargeAllows the user to specify a minimum charge for each occurrence of the service. If the price calculated by Aspire based on materials, labor, markup, and profit is less than the minimum charge, then the minimum charge will be invoiced.
Pricing Table

This area is only displayed if the invoice type is set to time and materials (T&M). This table allows the user to specify pricing for each of the item types (labor price, material markup, equipment markup, sub markup, and other markups). Aspire uses these markup values to calculate prices instead of calculating based on markup and profit specified in the Pricing Settings screen in Admin. It also allows the user to specify which item types are taxable using the default from the for the service as defined in the admin service catalog. If an opportunity with T&M services is copied from another opportunity or created from a template, the values in this table are copied from the originating opportunity or template. 

If the user does not specify a non-zero value for labor price in the Pricing Table, when they complete the estimate, Aspire will display a warning since hourly revenue is calculated based on this labor price. Aspire will allow the user to accept the $0 labor price. Some companies don't charge for labor because the labor is built into the materials. This is common for irrigation when a company charges a flat $25 per sprinkler head, and the labor is factored into the $25.

Once the opportunity has been won, the fields in the Pricing Table become disabled.

Category Markup Override Section

This area is only displayed if the invoice type is set to time and materials (T&M). Pricing markups specified in the Pricing Table (above) can be further refined for items on the service based on item categories in the Category Markup Override section. The drop-down list allows the user to select from the list of catalog item categories defined under the Manage Lists option in Administration

Once selected, the user may specify an override percentage applicable to the item type to take precedence over the one in the pricing table. Aspire prevents the user from selecting the same item category twice.

Minimum Hours (T&M)This field is only displayed if the invoice type is set to time and materials (T&M). In the case of T&M invoicing, Aspire uses this number as the actual hours for the work ticket if it is completed in less time.
Labor Rates IconClicking the Labor Rates icon displays the Labor Rates screen allowing the user to define multiple labor rates for the service. For example, they might bill one type of labor at a different rate than another more skilled labor type.
BranchThis field is only available if Opportunity Branch Override is enabled on the Application tab of the Application Configuration screen. It allows the user to give explicit credit for the service to a branch other than the branch associated with the property. They might use this feature if a branch is required to perform a service on behalf of another branch.
Separate Work Ticket CheckboxThis checkbox is only available if the service is on a work order and is only relevant if the same service is added to the work order multiple times. If the checkbox is not checked for any of the services, then when the opportunity is won, the hours and materials will be combined on a single work ticket. If the checkbox is checked for any of the services, then when the opportunity is won, the hours and materials for that service instance will be combined separated onto its own work ticket so that multiple work tickets are created for the same service.
Default Pay CodeAllows the user to specify the pay code that will be selected by default on the Time Entry screen when allocating time to the associated work ticket. If a default pay code was defined in the definition of the selected service, that value will initially be specified, but this field allows the user to modify it in special circumstances.
Service Name Abbreviation Override

This field is available on the Service Detail screen for work orders only (no contracts). For work orders, multiple work tickets can be created for a single service. To distinguish between multiple work tickets for the same service on the Scheduling Board when scheduling, Aspire allows the user to enter a service name abbreviation override for services on an estimate. If provided, this name is available in the Service Abr field of the Scheduling Board Work Ticket Search List. It is also displayed as the service name on the schedule board plaques for scheduled visits. This field is only enabled if the Separate Work Ticket checkbox is checked.

DescriptionAllows the user to enter a service description that can be printed on opportunity proposals. The default contract proposal layout displays the description, whereas the default layout for the work order proposal does not. If they want the description to be included in the work order proposal layout, they can request this from AspireCare.
Operations NoteAllows the user to enter operation notes that are copied to the work ticket(s) when the opportunity is won and are ultimately displayed to the crew leader in the Crew Mobile App when they select the work ticket created from the service in the Schedule screen.
Pay Code Override SectionThis section allows the user to provide override pay rates that apply specifically for the opportunity for existing pay codes as described under Pay Code Override Section.
Override Pricing IconClicking this icon displays the Override Pricing screen allowing the user to view current parameters that drive pricing (markups, net profit, and taxability) and to override the pricing parameters if necessary. The values defaulted on this screen come from system price settings established on the Pricing Settings screen.
As Needed CheckboxAllows the user to specify that the work tickets for this service should only be created as they are needed. Normally Aspire creates work tickets when the user wins an opportunity. As needed work tickets are created when the service is scheduled on the Scheduling Board, or when a crew member initiates work on the As Needed service.
Round Price CheckboxChecking this checkbox causes Aspire to calculate the price and then round it to the nearest $1 in the estimate.
Per Visit Hours
This field is only available for services flagged Multi-Visit and whose division name is “Snow”. Users can specify the number of hours required for each visit. This value will be used when a scheduler places the visit on the Scheduling Board. Note that changing this value will not update the value of visits that already exist.
Per Visit Materials Qty
This field is only available for services flagged Multi-Visit and whose division name is “Snow”. Users can specify the material quantity required for each visit. These material quantities are provided as defaults when materials are being added to the work ticket from Crew Mobile, Time Entry, or the Subcontractor Portal.
More dropdown menu The Actions menu is displayed by hovering over the Actions icon and contains a single option: Add Subcontractor Expenses. Selecting this option allows the user to identify expenses that subcontractors can add to associated work tickets via the Crew Mobile App or the Subcontractor Portal which will automatically generate purchase recommendations when the work ticket is complete. 
The creation of Subcontractor Auto Expenses is described more completely in the article, Subcontractor Automatic Expenses
SaveSaves changes to the opportunity service. If the user clicks Save and any of the category markup override values are still specified as 0%, Aspire displays a warning message