Time Entry Screen
  • 30 Jul 2021
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Time Entry Screen

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The Time Entry screen allows administrative personnel to manage time entries entered by crew members from the mobile time app in the field, or to enter crew member time reported using paper timesheets or other mechanisms. The Time Entry screen can be displayed from different locations within Aspire. The names of employees displayed on the Time Entry screen is context-sensitive and depends on how the user navigates to the screen as specified in the following table:

Time Entry Displayed FromEmployees displayed…
From the Scheduling Board screen by selecting the Open Time Entry option on the popup menu displayed when right-clicking a visit plaque or a date/route.Displays all employees who have clocked in on the selected day and route plus any employees explicitly named in the definition of the route on the Crew tab of the Route screen.
From the Weekly Time Review screen by selecting the Open Time Entry option on the popup menu displayed when clicking one of the time entries on a day of the week.Displays only the employee selected on the Weekly Time Review screen.
From the Work Ticket screen by drilling down into Hours Worked value.Displays time for all employees who have time logged against the work ticket on the selected day.

It should be noted that the time that is entered, reviewed, and accepted on the Time Entry screen is later approved on the Weekly Time Review screen. Once specific time entries have been approved, the cells associated with those time entries on the Time Entry screen become read-only so that they cannot be modified unless the user “unapproves” the time on the Weekly Time Review screen.

Note that if a crew member is set up to be on two or more different routes, either as a crew leader or a crew member, their time will show up when drilling into time entry for any of the routes for that day, even if the crew member only has a visit on one of the routes. A crew member on any timesheet shows all of their time for that entire day. It is beneficial for the user of the Time Entry screen to know that for any crew member, they will always see each person's time for the entire day. This screen behavior also ensures that drive time is calculated properly.

Specific screen elements and sections of the Time Entry screen are documented based on the screen image below:

Screen ElementDescription
Time Entry Header

The time entry header conditionally displays certain information depending on how the user navigated to the Time Entry screen. The header always includes the date represented by the screen. Other information conditionally displayed in the Time Entry Header is specified in the table below.

Time Entry Accessed From…Extra Information Provided in Header…
Plaque on schedule boardRoute Name
Drilling into hours on Work Ticket screen or
Drilling into hours from the Time Entry drill down report
Work Ticket #
Drilling into hours on the Weekly Time Review screenEmployee Contact Name
Inventory LocationAllows the user to specify the inventory location utilized for the route for which they are viewing time entry information. If materials are being allocated in the time entry screen, they must set this field to be the location from which the materials are being drawn.
Clock TimeRows get added to this section when crew members clock into the Crew Mobile App from their mobile devices in the field. Each row represents a clock-in / clock-out pair for one or more crew members. Rows can also be added by office team members by selecting Add Clock Time from the Adddrop-down at the bottom of the section. The section sums up total hours for each crew member based on the sum of all time entries for which they have time.
Direct Job Time

This section allows time spent on customer jobs (directly billed to customers) to be allocated to specific jobs during the day. Initially, this section contains one line for each work ticket scheduled to be worked on the selected day. Each line is labeled based on the work tickets providing the following information: property name, service name, and a work ticket number. The labels are shown as hyperlinks. Clicking on the hyperlink displays the Work Ticket menu.

The options are available by selecting the Addicon at the bottom of the Direct Job Time section:

  • Add Existing Ticket displays the Work Tickets search list from which the user can select other work tickets to add to the Time Entry screen for allocation of time.
  • Add Quick Ticket allows the user to select a Quick Work Order Template, allowing the user to add a quick ticket to the list of work tickets on the Time Entry screen for allocation of time.

Quick tickets can also be initiated from the Crew Mobile App by the crew leader such that the quick ticket appears in the list of work tickets in the Direct Job Time section. The section, Quick Tickets, shows how to assign hours and materials for the quick ticket to a real work ticket. Clicking on the hyperlink for a quick ticket displays the Quick Ticket menu.

Indirect Job Time SectionThis section displays work tickets created to report indirect time (time spent on internal tasks such as training, meetings, etc. which is indirectly billed to customers through markups). The setup of indirect type work tickets is explained in the section, Indirect/Overhead Time.
Clock In/Out HyperlinkIf the clock in/out label is displayed as a hyperlink (underlined), then clicking on it displays a Clock In/Out menu with options for displaying forms information collected from the crew leader as explained in the section, Clock In and Clock Out Form Info Display.
Totals – ClockedThe Clocked row in the totals at the bottom of the Clock-in section shows the total time that each crew member was clocked in based on clock-in time and clock-out time.
Totals – WorkedThe Worked row in the totals section at the bottom shows the total time spent on each crew member in the Allocate to Job Section and the Indirect Time Section. Prior to applying drive time, the total time values displayed in the Worked row will commonly not match the total clocked time.
Totals – DiffDiff shows the difference between clocked time and time worked (allocated to work tickets).
SaveSave allows the user to accept and save changes made on the Time Entry screen. When the user accepts time in this manner, Aspire validates the screen and if validation passes, automatically creates drive time records to account for the difference between total clock time and hours allocated to work tickets.

Item Allocation

When material items or equipment hours are allocated to a work ticket from inventory, those allocations are represented on the Time Entry screen below the work ticket to which the items were allocated. These allocations may be applied to a work ticket from the Crew Mobile App, or directly from the Time Entry screen. When equipment time is allocated to a crew member while starting their time in Crew Mobile, the equipment time is displayed with that crew member’s work ticket time entry on the Time Entry screen.