Logging into Aspire and Device Authorization
  • 05 Nov 2021
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Logging into Aspire and Device Authorization

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When the user accesses Aspire from a browser by entering the Aspire address, Aspire displays the login screen. The very first time that someone logs in from a device that has never accessed Aspire before, a system administrator must authorize the device before the user can complete the login process.

A device in Aspire is represented by a browser running on a specific computer or mobile device. So, for example, if a user is going to use both a Chrome browser and a Firefox browser on a single computer, they must authorize two devices – one for each browser.

The image below shows what the Aspire login screen looks like the first time that a user logs in on a device. The user should enter their email address, their password, their company code, and a name that uniquely identifies their device. The company code can be looked up by a system administrator on the Company tab of the Application Configuration screen to be provided to individuals seeking to authorize their devices.

Once a device has been authorized, the device name allows a system administrator to look up the device on the Device screen in Aspire. A good device name might include the person’s name, something that identifies which of their computers or phones they are logging in on, and the browser they are using. The name specified in the following example displays this recommendation.

Once the user has entered valid login credentials and clicks the yellow arrow, Aspire displays the message shown below. 
The user must coordinate with one of their system administrators to authorize them so that they can complete logins.

For future logins, once the device has been authorized, Aspire will initially display a login screen that allows the user to login using only a PIN (personal identification number).

If you would like to log in using your email address and password rather than a PIN, click the "Login with email and password?" link shown above to display the following login screen.

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